Nano Enhanced Water Soluble CBD                           

THC free CBD water soluble is the new and improved way to get your CBD. When this technology was in its infancy, there was very little in the way of choice or selection. Very few products were flavored, and many people did not appreciate the “natural, earthy flavor” of CBD. It left an after taste in your mouth and didn’t mix well with some liquids. That flavor was hard to disguise and with necessity being the mother of invention, CBD manufacturers started looking for better ways for people to take CBD without having to hold their nose. Another problem with oil-based CBD products is they do not absorb very well and some of it often gets flushed out of the system lessening the product’s overall effectiveness.

The next options to hit the shelves were capsules which got rid of the flavor issues but taking CBD in pill form meant it needing to travel through the digestive tract making it take longer to become available to the body. Even with the easy to dissolve capsules it still took 30 minutes for the coating to dissolve and be absorbed into the stomach. This was an improvement but still not great, until…

The Invention of Water Soluble CBD

CBD in water soluble form is a game changer for the industry. If you have been around for a while you know what CBD oil is. It is an oil extracted from the hemp plant, a variety of cannabis. Since it is oil it does not mix very well with liquids, so the invention of CBD that dissolves in water was the answer many people were looking for. This new form of CBD promised an easier delivery system and even greater benefits that its predecessor. The benefits of water-soluble CBD include:

  • Increased absorption (greater bioavailability)
  • More effective with less waste
  • Can be mixed into any liquid or added to food
  • Cannabinoids are also fat soluble
  • Better value since more is available
  • The entourage effect

Water soluble CBD can be mixed into any drink, including water and drank immediately. Because the molecules are broken down to the tiniest size imaginable, it dissolves quickly and becomes available to the body much quicker and the potency is increased 10x. The cannabinoids are dissolved into the bloodstream immediately and go to work. You not only get the benefit of cannabinoids, but other compounds that work together with them to produce an overall increase in the products effectiveness known as the entourage effect. 

Cannabinoids Are Fat Soluble CBD likes fat, meaning that it attaches to and absorbs into fats like lipids. The cannabinoids like to dissolve into the fat and stick around awhile! These compounds are absorbed and travel through the small intestines into the bloodstream. These compounds can then be stored in body tissues for use later.

Why is water soluble CBD important?

The definition of water soluble is: something that is or can be dissolved in water. Our bodies are 60% water, so these compounds absorb quickly and 10X more efficiently. It is instantly available as soon as it enters the bloodstream.