What Makes CBD So Popular These Days

Apr 29th 2020

CBD is one product that has many uses. Maybe that is why so many people are crazy about it. It comes in different varieties like tincturestopical creamsedible treatspillsvape and more. It is a product that is in-demand because it is so versatile. Why is it so popular?

Where does CBD come from?

CBD has actually been around for a very long time, but it has only been in the last few years that we have realized its true potential. You may have heard that CBD comes from a plant called cannabis. This is true. While you may know that marijuana comes from cannabis, hemp also comes from a type of cannabis that is much more fibrous and grows tall and spindly, making it useful in making many commercial goods. The early settlers to this country learned that it often grew wild in mountain regions and could be farmed as a crop. CBD is sourced from hemp because it contains high amounts of a chemical compound known as Cannabidiol (CBD) and little to no THC. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. Hemp is grown for CBD oil and for a multitude of other uses from rope, tarps, clothing, building materials, and more.

Why people like CBD?

CBD has many uses and works naturally with the body in a harmonious union. Instead of creating a synthetic or artificial path like some pharmaceuticals do, CBD bind with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to bring the body into a natural state of being. CBD is a product with many wellness benefits such as:

  • Promotes a calm, relaxed feeling
  • Helps promote healthy sleep
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Support healthy joint function
  • Helps muscles recover faster

CBD is very popular in the health and beauty category. It is also used for pain relief for sore muscles after sports. And when taken at bedtime can help you relax and fall asleep naturally, without any side effects like early-morning grogginess.

Tips for Using CBD Products

  • Before starting any kind of new regimen, you should always consult with your doctor first. CBD products are safe for use but since they are still relatively new, there are no official guidelines for how much to use. It is sort of a trial and error method until you find what works best for you.
  • As a general guideline, we recommend starting out low and raising it until you find the amount that is “just right.” We suggest starting with a 5mg or 10mg serving at bedtime to see how it works for your body. It is best to try it out at night time to see how your body reacts to it. Once you know how it works at night, you can begin using it during the day or whenever you like.
  • For the most part, CBD is still unregulated so there is no right or wrong when it comes to serving sizes. But that also means that you may not know how much CBD you are getting in each serving. Some products may have something on the label or may say how many milligrams is in each drop or chew, but others may not. Because each product is different and each company has its own methods for making it, err on the side of “less is more.”
  • You should research the products you buy very carefully. Choose a product that contains only high-quality CBD from a manufacturer that you trust. Not all CBD is the same quality. Always do your research as with any product you buy.

Ways You Can Incorporate CBD Products in Your Daily Routine

Because CBD has so many uses, you can find a variety of way to use it every day. If you want some tasty suggestions it can be added to a multitude of food preparations. One thing that we suggest is to make sure to use it in high-fat foods. Fat is a good vehicle to carry cannabinoid –rich nutrients into the blood stream. When we eat foods rich in fatty acids the body absorbs it so much easier along with the CBD.

With CBD in oral drops, all you do is you just add a few milligrams to your meals or snacks.

Try these delicious ways to add CBD to your diet:

  • CBD-infused Guacamole
  • Pasta with Shrimp and CBD Pesto
  • Chia-seed pudding with CBD and cinnamon
  • Pumpkin-Spice latte with CBD and steamed almond milk
  • CBD-infused Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These delicious foods enhanced with cannabinoid –rich CBD oil is a tasty way to add CBD to your daily routine. You’ll never get tired of the flavor because there are so many foods you can add it to. The possibilities are endless…literally.

Why Add CBD Products to Your Healthy Lifestyle?

CBD is so easy to add to any routine or regimen. You can add it to any foods or just drink it. Add it to cookie recipes, bakery items, or etc. It is a popular product for combating every day stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It is a product derived from natural sources so there is no worry of chemicals, side effects, or getting too much. If you use it in a natural way you’ll find the right amount that works for you with very little effort.

It is easy to see why CBD is so popular and why so many people are in love with these easy-to-use products. Try 360 ORGANIX CBD.