What is Nano-Enhanced CBD

Posted by 360 Organix CBD on Apr 29th 2020

When new products come out on the market they all make claims of being the best and outperforming the competition. The newest product in the line of CBD products is Nano-enhanced CBD Oil. Is it “new and improved” and is it better than the standard CBD products? Let’s take a look at what it is and whether or not you should try it.

Nano refers to CBD oil that has been Nano-Emulsified. When something is emulsified, it is meant to help smooth out and break down oil into a form that can be easily mixed with water or other liquids to be consumed easier.

What the Nano-Emulsification technology has done is created a way for the oil particles to be broken down into tiny molecules (Nano or nanometers is the smallest unit of measurement) that can be mixed with liquids to become a form of water soluble CBD that is much easier to consume and is better absorbed by the body.

As we all learned in grade school, oil and water don’t mix. If you have ever tried this yourself, you know that oil is heavier than water and will float on top making any mix like this hard to swallow. The oil separates and no matter how much you stir it won’t mix. This is why we add emulsifiers like eggs, vinegar, or honey to salad dressing. If you didn’t know, mayonnaise is made from eggs and oil. The egg yolks are an emulsifier that smooths out the oil particles making it blend easier.

Most CBD tinctures are only partially absorbed, leaving a small percentage that is wasted, or not able to be used. Thinking in terms of economics, purchasing a product that you will only benefit 90% from is not really cost-effective. The benefit of using Nano enhanced hemp oil is that it is absorbed more completely by the body and none of it goes to waste.

Is it natural 

Yes, CBD is made from hemp which is a variety of cannabis plant that produces high amounts of CBD with little to no THC, the psychotropic effects of smoking marijuana. It is naturally grown and cultivated to produce the purest and best quality CBD oil. There are no synthetics or chemical additives. The oil is extracted using a CO2 extraction method to produce a high-quality product. Lab testing ensures its quality and purity. You can rest assured that you are getting a natural product.

How Small are Nano particles?

Nano, as mentioned above, is the smallest unit of measurement. Nanotechnology is the business of using tiny, tiny particles, such as those only seen under a microscope. If you think of a cube, it is a large block that would be difficult to consume as it is. If you were to crush that same cube into powder (like grains of sand) and mixed in water or another liquid it could easily be consumed. Now, if this were a vitamin or something beneficial to the body, breaking it down into the smallest of particles it could be absorbed by the body much quicker and dispersed through the bloodstream faster than waiting to be digested by the stomach.

Benefits of Nano CBD

● Small particles easily absorbed by the body

● You get the full benefit of the product

● Because you get 100% absorption, you use less of it

● Gets into the body quicker increasing effectiveness

All CBD Products are Not Created Equal

There are a multitude of CBD products on the market, but they are not all made from high-quality hemp oil. The difference in products and what they are made from determines their effectiveness. The best CBD products are made from the whole plant (stalks, stems, leaves, and seeds) and not just parts of the plant. This is where you get the most benefits - from full spectrum or broad-spectrum formulations.

Is Nano CBD Worth the Hype?

The benefits of nanotechnology are definitely impressive. The fact that the CBD can be broken down into smaller particles becoming more bioavailable to the body is an improvement over products that have to be digested since you lose some of the effectiveness after being processed by the stomach. The time it takes for the product to get into the bloodstream is another factor in its effectiveness. A formulation that is instantly available to the system has more time to be used by the body, not having to wait that extra time.

For consumers, purchasing a product that you will only use 90% is a waste. It’s like tossing out a bottle with 10% of the product still in it. Why buy something if you’re only going to use part of it? CBD formulations that are water-soluble (breakdown in liquids) can be absorbed 100% so there is nothing to be wasted, which is a better option for those concerned with cost.

Should you try Nano CBD

The benefits are definitely worth it. A product that works well already given a boost of super speed can’t be beaten. It’s a win-win situation. Looking at all the benefits of CBD products plus the increased benefits of nanotechnology, finding the right CBD products comes down to a matter of choice. If these benefits appeal to you as a consumer the best thing you can do is try it for yourself. You have all the information needed to make an informed decision. The next step is to test it out and see if it works for you. Check out our Nano CBD and try for yourself.