​What is CBD Pain Cream 200mg? Get Your Answers Here

​What is CBD Pain Cream 200mg? Get Your Answers Here

Posted by 360 Organix CBD on Dec 10th 2020

In case you hadn't heard, CBD is the newest health and wellness wave taking over the nation in 2020. And why not? These times are too difficult to not take care of yourself. Including 360 Organix CBD Pain Cream 200mg; 40% of people ages 18-29 have tried CBD. 32% of people ages 30-44 have tried CBD. 23% of people ages 45-59 have tried CBD. 15% of people 60 and older have tried CBD, according to singlecare.com.

The popularity is undeniable. And more and more consumers are moving towards using CBDs as a supplement to OTC medications and doctor issued prescriptions. CBD pain cream is one particular portion of the market that has grown by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, 360 Organix has taken it a step further with amazing nanotechnology in its product Nano CBD Cream 200mg. But first, let's get a basic understanding of what a CBD Topical Cream is.

What is a CBD Topical Cream?

Consumers looking to take advantage of Cannabidiol (CBD oil), the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, are likely to see not only CBD oil to be wildly popular but also a variety of CBD creams and other topicals. A cream, or topical, is applied to the area where you want the CBD to take effect rather than consuming the CBD orally.

CBD infused topicals include lotions, salves, creams, and transdermal patches applied to the skin for relief on the surface or even deeper muscle tissues. CBD cream, as the name implies, is a CBD infused cream. Beauty creams, in general, are a one-to-one ratio of water to oil. That's half and half oil and water, which brings about the consistency of beauty cream. Different topicals have different thicknesses based on the oil to cream ratio. Experiment with what you like the most!

What is the Difference Between CBD Cream and a CBD Oil?

CBD oils (as well as Capsules and edibles) are ingested and have to go through the digestive system, including the stomach. This delays the effect somewhat. When you use a topical, you can apply it directly where you need it, and it is soaked in right away- bypassing the digestive system.

Bypassing the digestion system makes the effects of CBD topicals take effect in as little as 2 minutes. For various ailments, you want that quickness to return the body and mind back to a state of balance. While right for multiple applications, ingesting CBD will not react as quickly as a topical cream infused CBD.

What is CBD Pain Cream 200mg offered by 360 Organix?

Nano CBD Pain Cream 200mg is a CBD pain cream product made with nanotechnology by 360 Organix. Nanotechnology (or nano) works on a molecular level. It offers a higher absorption rate than regular cream and gets into the body faster.

With Nano CBD, you don't need to use as much as the regular CBD. You can use a lesser amount and still get the full benefits. Nano CBD is capable of being completely absorbed. You use less of the product, so it lasts longer, making it more economical.

360 Organix is ten times more bioavailable than anything else on the market. Our products are faster and more efficient than anything else you can find.

Made from organic, non-GMO hemp, our CBD is sought after by customers all over the country. 360 Organix is a company built on integrity, trust, and transparency. Our products have the highest quality CBD available.

CBD Pain Cream 200mg could be the CBD infused cream you have been looking for. Order today from our fast and easy website!