Buy High-Quality CBD

Buy High-Quality CBD

Posted by 360 Organix CBD on May 12th 2021

There is a lot of information about CBD on the internet. It has been in high demand since it was legalized in 2018. The benefits offered by this all-natural plant product have consumers wanting more and more. Since the demand is so high currently, a lot of cheap imitation CBD has also hit the online market. Why is this? Why sell cheap CBD products?

It is because it costs money to manufacture high-quality products, which means it takes longer for those products to become available. Some unscrupulous people are taking advantage of this fact and using it to manufacture and sell cheap CBD products to gain a foothold in the market. Their processes are low-quality extraction methods, which produce very little CBD, meaning that they have to add fillers to bulk it up. A low amount of CBD results in products that are much less effective than top-quality brands.

Don’t Waste Your Time

The old saying is still true...if it seems too good to be probably is. If you go into a store or shop online and see CBD products priced low, don’t be fooled into buying it. It might look like a bargain, but you might as well buy an empty bottle, because that is what you’re getting more or less. A bunch of filler material and a little bit of CBD.

Why the Price Difference?

Why are there so many CBD products with varying prices? If you purchased one bottle of CBD from all the top manufacturers and lined them all up on your table, they would all look very similar, but each one of them would be priced at a wide range. This confuses consumers, and many, who would benefit from the products, don’t know what to buy. The main reason for differences in price have to do with how the CBD is grown and harvested, and what type of processing it undergoes to become a finished product. These two factors determine the basis of pricing.

Hemp Growing

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) set forth strict guidelines for hemp grown in the United States. Hemp has the amazing ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals from the soil it's planted in. In 1988, after the meltdown at the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, hemp was planted to help absorb the contaminants out of the soil surrounding the area to help it detoxify. For this reason, all hemp that is grown must adhere to the USDA guidelines for safety. This is to prevent it from being planted in an area with pesticides and other harmful toxins that could be absorbed into people’s bodies.

Hemp processing in other parts of the world may not be so strict. China has no such regulations, and roughly 70% of the CBD products sold in the US comes from China. In some instances, it is less expensive to import hemp from China than to get a license to grow it in the US. Hemp is typically grown in many countries for its fiber for making boat sails and tents, when it is grown this way, you are not getting high-quality CBD from it. Pesticides and toxins in the soil can cause damage to the human body.

Hemp Processing Methods

When it comes to processing hemp, there are a couple of different methods to extract the CBD. The fastest and cheapest method for processing is to use chemicals and hydrocarbon solvents, such as petroleum, propane, butane, and naphtha. It is likely that cheap CBD products use these processing methods.

Steam Distillation

Steam distillation is another method for extraction. While heating water to create steam does burn off some of the solvents, keeping them from ending up in the batch of CBD, excessive heat can damage the plant itself, resulting in a lower quality product.

CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction, also known as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), is the safe, scientific method of extracting CBD from hemp plants. Since this method requires technology and lab technicians with science degrees, it is the more costly but effective method. Since it requires testing and certification, it produces a much higher quality CBD product.

CBD Is Unregulated

The method of growing and extracting hemp affects the final cost of the CBD product. Farms not specifically growing hemp for purity produce inferior, but cheaper, products. If it is processed using chemicals, it is double bad - cheap and full of toxins. Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, there are no requirements or guidelines for CBD manufacturers to follow to produce top-quality, organic CBD. When there is no oversight, two things tend to happen:

1. Contamination. When there are no strict farming regulations, CBD made from hemp may contain toxins, pesticides, and impurities, making it useless to consumers. The harm done to the body by the harsh chemicals far outweigh the benefits of the CBD. With no regulation, these cheap CBD products flood the market and most often are highly contaminated by materials picked up in the soil.

2. No Transparency (truth in labeling). The FDA checks food and drugs sold in the US for labeling accuracy. What does this mean exactly? Studies have shown that the amount of CBD and THC in many products being tested did not match the information on the label. The label is then inaccurate because it does not describe what is inside the bottle. In fact, some CBD products contain only minute amounts of CBD, which does not benefit the user at all.

Count on 360 Organix CBD for High-Quality Products.

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We are dedicated to the accuracy in labeling, as much as the quality of our product. Every batch of CBD products are independently tested by a third-party laboratory. We invite our customers to compare the laboratory reports to the products’ labels if they want to ensure that they are making the right purchasing decision. Our cBD products contain no toxins, no contaminants, and no chemicals.

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