7 Tips on Buying CBD Products Online for New Users

7 Tips on Buying CBD Products Online for New Users

Posted by 360 Organix CBD on Nov 12th 2020

Did you know that CBD was made legal in the 2018 farm bill?

Since then, thousands of Americans have been enjoying its many benefits and living a happier, healthier life. But, there are still tons of people who haven't tried it!

If you're still a CBD newbie but are thinking of giving it a go, the wide variety of types available and many shops can make buying CBD products a pretty daunting task. If you're buying online, the whole thing can become even trickier! Luckily, we're here to help.

Take a look at our guide to buying CBD online and make sure you get it right the first time.

1. Understand CBD

Before you start looking into what's on the market, it's vital to understand what CBD is and what it's used for.

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is part of the cannabis plant family. But, there is a key difference between CBD and cannabis (marijuana); CBD contains either none or very low levels of THC. This is the compound in marijuana that gets you high, and the levels in CBD will always be too low to have any effect.

If you're looking for some psychoactive effects from CBD, you're going to be very disappointed! Instead, use it for any of the many benefits of CBD.

2. Know Your Dosage

Getting the proper CBD dosage is key to making sure you feel its benefits. Whilst CBD side effects are few and far between, if you take too much you could end up with a dry mouth or feeling fatigued. These definitely aren't the worst side effects in the world, but it's still best to avoid them!

If you're just starting with CBD, try around 20-40mg a day. Increase it by 5mg every week until you find the sweet spot for you and the symptoms you are treating.

3. Choose From Different CBD Products

There are tons of different CBD products available, so make sure you choose one that's right for you. For example, if you have skin problems or joint pain, a CBD cream could be the best choice. CBD tinctures are usually great if you're on the go and need something small to pop in your bag, while CBD gummies are inconspicuous and delicious!

If you're unsure which product is best for you, do some research before making your choice. Once you start learning about the benefits of different ways to take CBD, you should quickly find one that you're interested in.

4. Google the Brand

Once you know more about what type of CBD you're looking for, it's time to search for reputable CBD websites.

If you find a site that makes a good impression on you, the first thing you should do is check out reviews. A website might have some on their own website or their social media pages, but remember that these can easily be faked. Always do a Google search for the company to find reviews on third-party sites and any press about the company that's more reliable than what the brand posts themselves.

If you find a bad review amongst tens of good reviews, don't be put off! Even the best brands have bad reviews. Just make sure that, on average, they seem reputable and most customers have had good experiences with them.

5. Check the Label

The label of a product can tell you a lot about the CBD you're getting. If the product says Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, avoid it. This is essentially hempseed oil and won't give you the same benefits as CBD.

You should also check that the label specifies the product is THC-free. It should have the correct dosage of the product in mg, and if it doesn't, you definitely shouldn't buy it. Remember that if you're buying online, this information may be easier to access in the product description on the website.

6. Look Into Quality Assurance and Standards

When buying CBD online, it's always important to look into how the brand quality-checks its products and the standards they hold. It's always a good sign if the CBD facilities are registered with the FDA and are GMP-compliant. They should also detail that they test CBD to ensure it's the highest quality and tell you more about how the hemp is sourced.

If they're open and honest about this, the brand is likely to be reputable. Of course, don't rely on this alone. Make sure to take a look around their whole site and see if it looks professional and legitimate.

7. What About Nano CBD?

One of the latest development in CBD is Nano CBD, and it could be right up your street! This type of CBD is more bioavailable than anything else currently on the market, meaning that your body can absorb it faster and more efficiently. It's also more concentrated, giving you more potent results.

Nano CBD can be taken by both newbies and long-time CBD lovers. Just make sure you're careful with your dosage and always read the instructions before taking it. If you're interested, learn more about Nano CBD on our blog.

Get Help Buying CBD Products

If you're still nervous about buying CBD products for the first time or aren't sure which is the best option for you, don't worry! Our team at 360 Organix is here to help. We're a trusted CBD company based in America, and our team is experts on the benefits of our products.

If you need help, simply get in touch with us. If you think you're ready to buy your first CBD product, check out our full range — from vape pens to capsules — and find the right choice for you.